'Resistance in the face of Aggression Series II

- The Cold War Nuclear Bunker'

This series continues the theme by exploring the Cold War period and the fear of nuclear armageddon through paintings of scenes from a Nuclear Bunker in Fife, Scotland which I visited in my research. 

The first three paintings are such that they are totally void of any human figures, who are conspicuous in their absence, which adds a tension and extra dimension to the narratives in each piece.


Final piece 'The Apparition' is taken from a nuclear bunker that has been abandoned and left to the elements and a ghostly gas-mask adorned portrait looks out from the haunting scene in a reference to the past acts of war.

"Destiny Calling...?" - oil on canvas 60cm x 80cm 2019

"Is there anybody out there?"

- oil on canvas 60cm x 80cm 2019

"Time Stands Still" - oil on canvas 60cm x 80cm 2019

"The Apparition" - oil on canvas 60cm x 90cm 2019

All images ©Jon Canty
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